jay-cruz said, "Oh my god, you're so lucky you left before the second workshop."

Why? Ahahahaha

That feeling you get when you know it’s not the same anymore.

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I like “clingy” people.


I love it when people are affectionate with me. I like when they always invite me places, or text me, or call me, I wouldn’t even mind if they blew up my fb wall with hearts and what not. I would rather have that person than someone who makes me text them first all the time and replies back like 10 hours later.

depends who you are though.

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Mira Mesa Co-Ed Hip Hop 2nd Place in the Large Hip Hop Category. Competed against Newbury Large Female and Fountain Valley Large Female. So very proud to be a part of this amazing team… From the start we were successful and finished strong being the only Large Co-Ed Hop Hop team that made it to the arena that night… Like i said, we may not have won first place national champions for large hip hop but we came one point close, and we are still champions in not just my eyes, in the eyes of our friends, families, our alumni and etc! If i had the chance to re-live this weekend, i would with all my heart. The fact that we had so many fans and supporters made this performance and every performance throughout comp season so special.  From the start of comp season my parents over heard other parents comment on our hip hop medley, about how they liked our performance.. Even some of the workers at USA stopped to watch us perform. During the qualifying round a lady went up to me after hip hop and said, “Hi are you from Mira Mesa? You guys did great, i was on my way out until i heard them call your name and i sat back down to watch. I always enjoy watching you guys!” compliments like these and just knowing that people appreciate and knowledge us gives me the satisfaction that we did our best and that this team does not need “All Male Gloves”, a USA backpack, or first place piece of wood and plastic to prove to anyone that we did a good job, our performance speaks for itself and just as long as we had fun doing it is all that matters. No regrets. This was such a great way to end my time with the team. Beyond proud of everyone. I seriously love my team, my family, and best friends.. MMDT4L! Congratulations to every team that made it out to USA NATIONALS this year!

why did it go by so fast..

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There are no words I can use to explain how amazing this weekend was. :)


My second family
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People are saying liking your own status is like sucking your own dick.

Does that mean you liking my status is like you sucking my dick? 


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jay-cruz said, "NO WAY I DIDNT SEE YOU"

lawwwwll im short 

omg why is tonight the most boring night of my lyfe


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If I ever say things that hurt you, I’m so sorry.

This goes for anyone as well. 

In times of anger, feelings can blind you instantly.  

Making you do shit you don’t intend on doing.

Hurting people’s feelings.

So much emotion bottling up inside you, you don’t even know what to feel. 

Feelings can make situations difficult to overcome. 

jay-cruz said, "YOU WERE THERE?!"

Yeah I performed, HAHA. 

Excited for SUHI!! :)



She’ll leave you. He’ll leave you. Everyone leaves you at one point. Its inevitable. They say you can’t be replaced, won’t be replaced, but once they find someone better, you will. People get tired of you, bored of you, used to you. You wonder why it’s so hard to trust someone? Why it’s so hard to get attached to someone? In the end, everyone leaves. They always do.

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I feel less special to you now.

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